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New : Infra red massage

New : Infra red massage

Book online at 60 € (1p) or 110 € (2p) for 60 min

Infrared massage combines massage and acupressure techniques with the therapeutic warmth of the far infrared rays. The infrared radiation is mainly used at the start of the massage to penetrate under the skin and be absorbed by the deep tissues. Combined with massage techniques, it helps to expel more toxins at a deeper level, strengthen, repair and rebuild muscle and tissue fibers, thus relieving acute and chronic pains. Furthermore, this massage contributes to promoting blood circulation and has a deeper healing effect on the organs and it considerably strengthens your immune system. Your body relaxes and releases the stress caused by intense, active, stressful days.

Most experience a greatly improved sense of well-being as well as significant pain relief that can last up to several weeks through the boost of immunity.

Infrared massage contributes to:

  • enhanced immunity
  • healthier skin that also actively tackles acne and cellulite
  • improved circulation
  • reduced pains by strengthening muscles and tissue
  • mental relaxation and sense of well-being

Infrared massage is recommended for :

  • colds and sinus infections
  • too low immunity and weakness
  • headaches, migraines and sleep problems
  • tense muscles, before or after exercise
  • rheumatic conditions
  • Cellulite or acne

Price: 60 € for 1 pers - 110 € for 2 pers. (*)

(*) also possible in 90 min or 120 min


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